im so glad i stayed up to think


i photoshopped this leopard in 2010 and it has haunted me ever since

oh man


'neopronouns are harmful to the trans community bc cis people wont take us seriously' oh no, the cis people, they wont take us seriously, shocking, this has never happened before, what ever are we going to do

oh my gopd i went back to 2010 on my facebook and my mum posted the live vocaloid hologram performance of world is mine on my thing


Please, for the love of god, listen to autistic people talk about autism. Share things written by autistic people about autism. Give autistic people the loudest voice when it comes to autism.



im literally crying

jaja’s kooky quest


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Futurista


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Futurista

not as a class